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Google has suspended cooperation with Huawei, can the Android system still be used?

Release on : May 21, 2019

According to the latest report, after the Trump administration listed Huawei as a “list of entities”, Google has stopped some business dealings with Huawei.

Reuters quoted people familiar with the matter as saying that Google has stopped Huawei's use of the Android operating system interface, which means that Huawei can no longer use all the hardware and software products beyond the company's open source license.

Google’s move will immediately deprive Huawei of access to the Android operating system, and its next-generation smartphones sold in overseas markets will also be unable to access popular applications and services, including the Google Play Store and Gmail apps.

The person familiar with the matter said that Google will stop providing technical support and cooperation to Huawei for Android and Google services, and the company is still discussing specific details.

Huawei can still continue to access the Android operating system version through open source authorization. The license is open to the public and can be used free of charge by everyone.

Reuters still can't get Huawei's comments on this news, and the US Department of Commerce has not immediately commented.

If Google does stop Huawei from using the Android operating system, Huawei's new mobile phones will not be able to get popular applications (such as Gmail, YouTube and Chrome browsers) from the Google Play store, because these services are not within the scope of open source licenses. A commercial agreement with Google is available.

However, current Huawei device users can still update Google's apps on the Google Play store. Applications that need to be updated by mobile phone manufacturers and telecom operators may be affected by the Ministry of Commerce's inclusion of Huawei's export control blacklist.

Due to the ban on Google applications in China, Huawei's smartphone business in China is not affected. However, Huawei's business in the second largest market (Europe) may be hit hard because Huawei provides these services through Google in Europe.

"For smartphone manufacturers, having Google Apps is a key factor in maintaining competitiveness in markets such as Europe," said Geoff Blaber, vice president of research at CCS Insight.

On May 15, President Trump signed an executive order prohibiting US telecommunications companies from using foreign telecommunications network equipment and services that threaten national security. The two major telecom companies, Huawei and ZTE, will be affected.

The US Department of Commerce announced on May 16 that it will include Huawei and its 68 affiliates in 26 countries in the export control Entity List, which must first purchase parts and technology from the United States. Obtain a license. In practice, entities listed on the blacklist are often not easily accessible to US-approved export licenses.

A Huawei spokesperson said on Friday (May 17) that Huawei lawyers are studying the impact of the US Department of Commerce's actions on the company.

In 2018, Huawei purchased components worth $70 billion, of which approximately $11 billion was purchased from US companies, including Qualcomm, Intel Corporation and Micron Technology.

According to IDC analysis, in 2018, 73% of Huawei smartphones use their own chips, and another 10% come from Taiwan's MediaTek. The remaining 17% comes from Qualcomm, but these are mainly 200. Low-end phones below the dollar.

The outside world originally expected the new measures of the Trump administration to have less impact on Huawei's smartphone operations. If Google suspends Huawei's use of Android, Huawei's smartphone market share in the overseas market is likely to decline.

What about Huawei mobile phone operating system?

On the afternoon of May 17th, for the US Department of Commerce's Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) to include Huawei in the "list of entities", Huawei's consumer business CEO Yu Chengdong commented in a circle of friends today that Huawei has always insisted on building its core capabilities. Stick to using and cultivating your own chips. In addition to its own chip, there are core capabilities of the operating system.

A former Weibo user exposed a PPT demonstration from Shanghai Jiaotong University. In this slide called System Software, it can be seen that a professor led the Huawei operating system team to develop a proprietary operating system, Hongmeng. For the sake of confidentiality, the photo has hidden the name of the professor.

It is understood that Hongmeng, the ancient times of Taoist myths and legends, before the Pangu was opened up in the Kunlun Mountains, the world is a chaotic spirit. This natural vitality is called Hongmeng, so the era was called the Hongmeng era. Often used to refer to ancient times. In the first round of the four famous masterpieces, "Journey to the West", there is also a description of "Since the Pangu breaks the red, and opens up the confession."