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3nm transistor development success

Release on : Jun 27, 2019

According to the "South China Morning Post" report, the Chinese Academy of Sciences has developed a 3 nanometer transistor, Its size is equivalent to the width of a DNA, compared to the 7nm transistor commonly used in the market to obtain a qualitative improvement. The smaller the transistor becomes, the more units of the chip can be installed with more transistors, which will undoubtedly improve the overall performance of the chip. Transistors are the basic components of a processor. Yin Huaxiang, head of the research team, said that chips made with 3 nanometer transistors can not only improve the performance of the processor, but also save power and save energy. Along with this, there are a series of problems. More and smaller transistors are mounted on the chip.

If the current required by the transistor is overloaded, the heat generated will burn the chip. This is something that chip developers have to consider. problem. However, Yin Huaxiang said that his team used the "negative capacitance" method to save half of the power and use smaller current to drive the transistor. However, this technology is still being tested and it is expected to wait a few years before implementation. Applications, there are still many tasks to be done in terms of materials and quality control. At the same time, it is reported that China is still developing a transistor with an atomic size of 0.5 nanometers. When other countries are targeting 3nm transistors, we have already put the 0.5nm level into the agenda in advance.

In addition, Samsung is also planning the development of 3 nanometer transistors, and said it will be completed next spring. Samsung also said that using 3nm transistors can save half of the power, but the performance can be increased by 35%. The development of the chip industry has become the hottest point of the moment. We have also become a member of this competition from the former watchers, and still in such a turmoil. We have also seen the excitement from a layman and become a core task of truly understanding the internal technology. We have truly looked at the doorway and brought our status back to the forefront of this industry. The application of the 3nm transistor developed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences will raise the processing power of the chip to another level. But for now, although transistors have been made, the practical application of 3nm transistors is still to be verified. There is still a need for improvement in technology, and it takes a while to truly be commercially viable.