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Procurement Service : Supply EOL and hard to find components. OEM excess stock. One stop service.

Guaranteed Quality : Hi-powered microscope inspection of all parts.

Excess Inventory solution : We buy and resell customer's excess inventory.

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SEMI: North American semiconductor equipment shipments continued to cool in February, hitting a 25-month low

This year, global semiconductor investment has slowed down. SEMI (International Semiconductor Industry Association) announced today (22) that North American semiconductor equipment manufacturers' shipments continued to decline in February, down 1.7% to 1.86 billion US dollars, reaching nearly 25 months. New low.

The era of circular economy is coming, how can semiconductor manufacturing reduce costs?

In 2018, the global market broke through 7-nanometer process mass production technology in foundry and manufacturing, and in 2019 it was a key year for 5G and AI development. With the precision of technology, the protection of hardware and the demand for product yield, enterprises are willing to increase the cost of investment, and convert pollutants generated in the high-end process from the front to the back into renewable resources, which is the driving force for technological development.

The excess inventory of chips has disappeared or the semiconductor industry has recovered from difficulties.

CNBC's Jim Cramer said on Tuesday that the semiconductor industry is experiencing a turning point and showing signs that the global economy may be stronger than previously expected.